Kakatua Hostel


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Eat, beach, sleep, repeat.
— Just like Norman Cook's song


Welcome to Kakatua Hostel, we are everything you need for unforgettable travel experiences at Raja Ampat, our dependable team will assist while you are staying with us.


Breakfast, wireless internet, essentials, air conditioning, washer, dryer, free parking on premises, iron, hair dryer, cable tv, hot water, kitchen.


Kakatua Hostel offers you comfort in a cozy bunk beds to make sure get the rest you need for your new adventure the day after in an affordable price. We have 24 beds in 6 rooms ready for your accomodation, book now and start your adventure.

Our People

As reviewed on the internet, we promise to make Kakatua Hostel as our guest's second home while in Raja Ampat. Kima & Dewi will assist anything you need at Kakatua Hostel. See you soon, Cheers!


Ready for some chow time before going to beach? Kakatua Kitchen ready to spoil your tummy with a variation of menus. From fresh seafoods straight from the ocean, assorted pasta of your choice, or just having good conversation over a beer or our signature cocktails.


Waisai is a multicultural town, here multi indonesian culture blended and respect each other, Kakatua Hostel as a new part of the community will be supporting and growing the community with our power of creativity.

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